What is a BIS?

gsi-globe-wordle-resizeBIS stands for Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. A BIS is different than a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree because it allows you to combine courses from a variety of different disciplines and departments into a tailored program adapted to your individual interests and career goals.

The purpose of the BIS in Global Studies is to offer students an opportunity to take advantage of the rich offerings available in departments throughout the College of Arts & Sciences while developing their knowledge of a world region and building the critical thinking and analytical skills to tackle pressing global issues.

To create your own unique degree program, you will first meet with a staff advisor to outline a program based on the BIS in Global Studies degree plan in the Undergraduate Catalog. Then, you will meet with a Global Studies faculty adviser, who will review your proposed program and help you tailor it to meet your particular educational needs, interests, and career goals.

It is vitally important to apply to the BIS in Global Studies degree program as early as possible in your studies, preferably in the first semester of your sophomore year. Freshman interested in the degree program should make sure they take appropriate pre-requisites in the core courses (Areas A-F) for major courses (Area G) and allied field courses (Area H) that they plan to include in their degree program.

The B.I.S. in Global Studies is NOT intended to “pull together” an assortment of coursework at the last minute to help you graduate quickly.  A proposal should be planned early in a student’s career and should reflect a logical, consistent course of study that is based on acceptable and germane student objectives.