B.I.S. Degree in Global Studies

The Global Studies Program prepares students to be globally aware and competent in their chosen careers. In addition to focusing on global opportunities and pressing challenges, students develop deep regional concentration in a particular area of focus including Europe, Africa, Asia, the Middle East or Latin America. The degree is designed so that students can create their own tailored curriculum while gaining broad competencies in global issues and world languages. Internship experiences may be undertaken only after completing at least 21 hours of credit in the concentration area. For more information, please contact the faculty coordinator: Dr. Laura Hastings.

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What is a B.I.S.? 


Program Admission

Students can apply for the major after completing one semester at Georgia State. A 2.0 Georgia State University GPA is required.
The application process is as follows:
1. Contact the appropriate BIS advisor in the UAC or OAA.
2. Review information provided by BIS advisor and in the catalog.
3. Complete draft degree template before meeting with faculty advisor, Dr. Hastings.
4. Meet with faculty advisor, Dr. Hastings, to finalize degree template and get signature.
5. Return completed application and template to 418 Langdale Hall.
6. Await email in your GSU account requesting changes or approving application.
7. Follow your template, review your academic evaluation regularly, and meet with advisers as necessary.

Learn about the application process to become a major here.