Interdisciplinary Work

The Global Studies Institute is dedicated to innovative research and thoughtful interdisciplinary work. Our faculty come from a variety of backgrounds, allowing them to reach beyond the traditional literatures and explore their research in greater depth.

Many GSI faculty members are associated with other GSU departments:

Affiliate Faculty

Several GSU departments also have faculty affiliated with GSI:
Center Directors

  • Allen Fromherz
  • Lou Ruprecht
  • Ghulam Nadri
  • Ryan Carlin
  • Leslie Marsh

Other Affiliate Faculty

  • Monica Swahn
  • Anne Shlay
  • Shana Tabak
  • Christine Stauber
  • Ruth Stanford
  • Matt Magee
  • John Marshall
  • Mary Helen O’Connor
  • Maria Repnikova
  • Leigh Anne Liu
  • Ben Miller
  • Laura Hastings
  • Mourad Dakhli

Research Speed Dating

Additionally, GSI hosts an annual Research Speed Dating Workshop with the primary focus to bring together scholars from myriad backgrounds. It is our hope that by providing an accessible, fun way to highlight research, attendees have an opportunity not only to share what they do, but also to make new connections that could lead to new, interesting and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Past Workshops