Mission Statement

The Global Studies Institute tackles pressing international problems and opportunities through research, academic programs, outreach activities, and international Centers.  A renowned interdisciplinary faculty will offer an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Global Studies. 

The mission of the GSI is to foster a culture of inquiry and dialogue around global and international issues, and showcase different models of knowledge-driven public and policy engagement.  

  • GSI serves as a catalyst for innovative research on pressing global issues, including issues of violence and terrorism, conflict and post-conflict reconciliation and peace building, divided democracies and human rights, and issues facing global cities. With its core team of entrepreneurial scholars from different disciplines, the Institute will foster collaborative team-work to develop new theories and practices to address the challenges of the 21st century.
  • GSI harnesses and expand GSU’s substantial teaching expertise to deliver a world-class education in Global Studies, equipping GSU students with key skills, credentials and experience to navigate the complex demands of the global workplace. This will include new bachelor’s and master’s -level degrees, emphasizing competencies in language training, international signature experience, and thematic and methodological expertise. Graduates of GSI programs will have the linguistic, cultural, methodological, and functional skills and experience to compete effectively for a variety of careers, and to be active and engaged global citizens.
  • Five interdisciplinary Centers offer speakers and programs on Asia, Latin America, Middle East, Hellenic culture, and Human Rights and Democracy.  GSI collaborates with other units and schools at GSU and beyond to serve the Atlanta community through specialized certificate programs for Atlanta-based professionals, training programs for emerging professionals in developing countries, and an Annual Forum to diagnose and suggest solutions to a pressing global issue.