Strategic Priorities

Creating Solutions for Global Challenges
Strategic Plan 2017-2022

  1. Achieve National & International Prominence
  2. Work to be recognized as a national and international leader in interdisciplinary research on conflict, peace-building, violence and terrorism

  3. Convene the Experts
  4. Lead interdisciplinary research with collaborators from units across the university, as well as other universities, and with local, national and international partners to positively impact global issues

  5. Expand Areas of Focus
  6. Expand efforts in the areas of immigration, refugees and transnational urban issues, and global health and identify and address emerging issues of local and global importance

  7. Extend Our Reach
  8. Develop programming that increases outreach and student engagement and positions the centers as integrated, self-sufficient drivers of impact

  9. Develop the Next Generation of Global Leaders
  10. Establish strong student interest in and engagement with our globally-focused curriculum and research

  11. Increase Faculty & Staff
  12. Recruit and retain an excellent and diverse faculty and staff who are well-supported to create new opportunities for the university and to deliver on the Institute’s mission

  13. Build a Community of Scholars
  14. Create a vibrant and engaged scholarly community with professional facilities and a supportive, achievement-oriented culture

  15. Diversify Funding
  16. Cultivate a range of funding sources, including sponsored research, contracts, and revenue-generating training programs, that leverage state support and build sustainability

  17. Energize Philanthropy
  18. Develop a sustainable fundraising program (annual and major gifts) that generates annual operating revenue, student scholarships, faculty residencies and seed grants and creates and endowment to support future growth

  19. Model Excellence
  20. Become recognized as a core resource in advancing the universitie’s strategic plan as a model of excellence for the university community in the areas of outreach and partnership


Significantly enhance core university functions of research, education and service by:

  • Generating and disseminating scholarly knowledge that can be applied to address pressing global issues
  • Inspiring collaboration across the university and with other universities through interdisciplinary research, education and outreach
  • Educating and preparing students and professionals to engage with and compete in a globalized world


Be a recognized national and international leader in interdisciplinary research, teaching, outreach and engagement that creates solutions for pressing global challenges

Core Values

  • Broad and energetic collaboration
  • Transformational learning experiences
  • Outreach and engagement