Discrimination and Subjective Well-being: The Moderating Effects of Value Orientations

Posted On February 23, 2018
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PI: Rengin Bahar Firat

This project focuses on the ways values help mitigate the negative effects of discrimination on well-being.

The main goal of this proposed project is to examine the ways general value orientations might be moderating the relationship between discrimination and wellbeing. I specifically focus on agentic value orientations revolving around independent action, thought and self-expression as cognitive resources that individuals derive strength from when faced with adverse social experiences. By analyzing the European Social Survey and longitudinal data based on World Values Survey (1981-2014), this research will identify important social psychological factors fostering quality of life and dampening the negative effects of discrimination and stigma. Findings from this project will have important implications for developing strategies that will help ethnic minorities embrace policies promoting well-being and health.