Dr. Lemieux talks to 11Alive about North Korean threat

[VIDEO] As North Korea’s threat to strike Guam hangs in the air, GSI Director Tony Lemieux sat down with 11Alive News to discuss America’s options. “In terms of the kind of impact for us,” says Lemieux, speaking not only of the U.S. as a whole but also of Georgia, “it would be staggering, frankly.” Georgia, where both GSU and 11Alive reside, is also home to multiple South Korean automotive plants. An aggressive North Korea could have severe consequences for South Korea and its companies – affecting the U.S. economy even without a direct strike.

In terms of the potential for a nuclear strike on the U.S. territory Guam, Lemieux is hopeful that the correct diplomatic response can deter Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), from further aggression. “We can get this under wraps if we really engage the diplomatic efforts in a serious and substantive way,” states Lemieux. “If the administration is talking in concert so that what is coming from the Secretary of State and the President is consistent, and so that we’re speaking with a unified voice… [The generals] need to have some really serious conversations about how this particular aspect of foreign policy is dealt with going forward.”

Watch the video here.