Preventing the Next Generation: Mapping the Pathways of Child Mobilization into Violent Extremist Organizations

Posted On August 5, 2017
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In recent years, the increase in the number of children participating in front line terrorist activity has taken security personnel and counter terrorism analysts by surprise. This project is a 3-year program of basic research that will identify the specific processes and pathways of children’s mobilization into terrorist movements and create a model of children’s involvement in violent extremist organizations (VEOs). Specific detailed cases will be developed using primary and secondary data for Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel/Palestine, Iraq, Syria and Somalia in conjunction with regional partners who will facilitate the local collection of data. The project will generate a model that can explain children’s involvement in VEOs and inform practices, policies, training, and further research aimed at developing evidence-based interventions at multiple levels.

PI: Professor Mia Bloom, Georgia State University

Co-Principal Investigator: Professor John Horgan