Who wanted to help the Islamic State?

The Washington Post spoke with Professor John Horgan on the tactics of ISIS and who they are aiming with their propaganda.

“’ISIS has done a good job projecting that they are not just about violence,’ said John Horgan, an expert in terrorism research at Georgia State University. ‘They know that they’re going to appeal… more »

Deadlocked: what a nine-word decision means for five million undocumented immigrants

Posted On June 29, 2016
Categories Current News

In an article featured on The Conversation, Shana Tabak, professor of law at Georgia State, examines what the Supreme Court’s 4-4 split in the US vs. Texas case means for immigration.

“Nearly five million people stood to benefit from President Obama’s ambitious policy,” writes Dr. Tabak. “It would have delayed deportation of unauthorized immigrants whose children… more »