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Dr. Lemieux to Give Keynote Address at 2018 Annual Meeting of the GPA

Posted On April 10, 2018

GSI Director Anthony Lemieux will provide the keynote address, “Bringing Psychology and a Global Perspective to Bear on Terrorism and Violence,” at the annual Georgia Psychological Association meeting this weekend, April 13 through 15. The association heralds Dr. Lemieux in his work at Georgia State University and with several interdisciplinary avenues, including the Department of… more »

Dr. Ellis Adams Published online on ‘The Conversation’

People in African cities are taking charge of their water supplies – and it’s working

Assistant Professor Ellis Adjei Adams recently published an article on The Conversation about an improved, community-based model for providing water to urban areas in sub-Saharan Africa.

“Community based water supply models have been common in rural areas for some time,”… more »

Dr. Burnet Publishes Paper Online on Effective States and Inclusive Development

Political settlements, women’s representation and gender equality: The 2008 gender-based violence law and gender parity in primary and secondary education in Rwanda by Drs. Jennie E. Burnet and Jeanne d’Arc Kanakuze was recently published online by Effective States and Inclusive Development.

“This paper explores the ways in which power and politics shape the realisation… more »

Dr. Jennie Burnet Interviewed for “Anthropologist on the Street” Podcast

Anthropologist on the Street Episode 14: “Political Divisiveness & the Encouragement of Violence with Dr. Jennie Burnet”

“When multicultural societies begin dividing into factions based on ethnic identities, assigning blame to the “other” and emphasizing the differences among us rather than the similarities, the stage is set for political violence… or worse.

“Dr. Jennie… more »

Dr. John Horgan Quoted by Newsweek Responding to Trump’s Comments on New York Attack

In recent months, President Trump has used other terms to label terrorists, calling them instead “deranged persons” and even “losers.” Newsweek spoke with a number of experts and persons affected by acts of terror about using these labels and others. Global Studies’ Dr. John Horgan was one such expert:

“John Horgan, a professor at… more »