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Dr. Jennie Burnet Interviewed for “Anthropologist on the Street” Podcast

Anthropologist on the Street Episode 14: “Political Divisiveness & the Encouragement of Violence with Dr. Jennie Burnet”

“When multicultural societies begin dividing into factions based on ethnic identities, assigning blame to the “other” and emphasizing the differences among us rather than the similarities, the stage is set for political violence… or worse.

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Dr. John Horgan Quoted by Newsweek Responding to Trump’s Comments on New York Attack

In recent months, President Trump has used other terms to label terrorists, calling them instead “deranged persons” and even “losers.” Newsweek spoke with a number of experts and persons affected by acts of terror about using these labels and others. Global Studies’ Dr. John Horgan was one such expert:

“John Horgan, a professor at… more »

GSU TV Special Edition: Refugees Give Back

Posted On August 10, 2017
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[VIDEO] In this special edition of GSU TV, we see the difficult challenges of the global refugee crisis as well as the many positive aspects of accepting refugees into our communities. The program highlights the diversity of Clarkston, Georgia, one of the most diverse cities in the country. It shows the stories of refugees… more »

Understanding American Muslim Converts in the Context of Security and Society

Posted On August 5, 2017
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This project, funded by the Minerva Initiative is a collaboration with colleagues at GCORE (co-PI Dr. Scott Flower), the University of Melbourne, and Queensland University of Technology. The project will run for three years (beginning 1 January 2016) and seeks to understand how and why Muslim converts are over-represented in violent extremism. To achieve this, the project examines… more »

IDP Camp in Haiti

When Immigration And Refugee Issues Abound, Georgia State Tackles Them Here And Abroad

The Global Studies Institute hosted its first annual Emerging Global Issues Forum on March 30, tackling the pressing international issue of “Forced Migration, Immigration and Security.” The event was largely a success, opening the door for a long series of much-needed conversations on these important issues. featured a write-up of the event in… more »


Dr. Horgan Published in the APA April 2017 Issue

(h4)Psychology of Terrorism: Introduction to the Special Issue

Abstract Despite the extraordinary social and political consequences often associated with terrorist violence, as well as our responses to it, psychological research on terrorist behavior is conspicuously underdeveloped. This special issue of American Psychologist presents a series of articles that showcase new conceptual, theoretical, and empirical advances… more »