Current Projects

Identifying and Countering Early Risk Factors for Violent Extremism Among Somali Refugee Communities Resettled in North America

Posted On February 24, 2016

PI: Dr. Heidi Ellis, Harvard Medical School/Children’s Hospital, Boston

Co-PI: Professor John Horgan

Somalis have been one of the largest refugee groups to arrive in the U.S. every year over the past decade. While the vast majority of these refugees have adapted peacefully to life in America, a group of young Somali-American refugees have… more »

Preventing the Next Generation: Mapping the Pathways of Child Mobilization into Violent Extremist Organizations

Posted On February 24, 2016

PI: Professor Mia Bloom, Georgia State University

Co-Principal Investigator: Professor John Horgan

In recent years, the increase in the number of children participating in front line terrorist activity has taken security personnel and counter terrorism analysts by surprise. This project is a 3-year program of basic research that will identify the specific processes and… more »